Bilingual Staff


Bilingual Tour Guide

If you are a travel company and urgently need a bilingual tour guide for your company, we can introduce any bilingual staff (in your required language) to your company.

On September 2Indonesian Tour Guide011, Loksha Tour contacted Sydney Language Solutions and requested for a bilingual tour guide that could speak English and Indonesian fluently.

Our Indonesian Language Consultant accompanied the group for 1.5 days and brought them to iconic places in Sydney.

Excellent feedback was given and here is the testimonial from our client, Loksha Tour:

"Thank you for your assistance in providing the Indonesian Tour Guide for our client from Indonesia. Your tour guide has definitely done a very good job and made a lot of good decision on the spot. I am happy that he bought them good food and drinks and showed the guests what they wanted and made the guests happy. I will remember your service if I receive more people from Indonesia who require guiding. - Sharmila Das (Marketing & Product Development Manager) -


Bilingual Staff

If you are a company who needs bilingual staff for your company, whether it is for customer service, event or any other kind of business activities, we can also introduce our bilingual staffs (in your required language) to your company.

   Chinese Bilingual StaffOn June 2012, Big Stick Adventures contacted Sydney Language Solutions and requested for bilingual staff that could speak English and Mandarin fluently.

SLS sent 9 Mandarin Bilingual Staff to assist the company's event in Sydney. The event was an incentive program for a group of 300 high performing staff of a Chinese company.

Excellent feedback was given and here is the testimonial from our client, Big Stick Adventures

"The staffs were fantastic! They were on time, very helpful and full of energy. They completed their tasks as asked and were a pleasure to work with. Please pass on our appreciation and thanks. Also, a big thanks to Sydney Language Solutions for your assistant and being very easy to deal with. We ran a successful event, and were very happy with all the staff involved from start to finish. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. - Lauren Blenkers (Big Stick Adventures) -


Language Proficiency Testing

Sydney Language Solutions offers language proficiency testing to assess a candidate’s speaking, listening, comprehension, and reading skills. Our testing is modeled after the IELTS test, and the language tested is the language your company or organisation uses or requires.

Our comprehensive professional tests run between sixty to ninety minutes for each skill and are administered by a Sydney Language Solutions examiner and a native language speaker.

After successful completion of this test, each participant receives a written official report detailing their language proficiency certifications.

Communico Services

"'Communico Services Pty Ltd contacted Sydney Language Solutions at extremely short notice, desperate to source an Arabic language assessor for an assessment centre in two days time.  They were very professional, responsive and did everything they could to secure a great assessor and kept me informed at all times.  They fully understood our complex brief, even though this was our first experience with them.

Eman Khan, our assessor arrived early and was really engaged with the process,  she had prepare exceptionally well and also provided valuable insights to the Arabic culture.  An extremely positive experience and we will definitely use them again.’
Natasha Hawker (General Manager HR & Recruitment



Meet Our Clients 


"Thank you so much for your assistance and for sending me Antonio to assist with our group last Wednesday. He did a great job. The client was very happy." - Fiona Whelan (Senior Account Manager)

Interpreting Service

Commonwealth Bank

"I have received really positive feedback about the assessment session from those who attended. They are looking forward to the next installments." - Zoe (Commonwealth Bank)

Interpreting Service

For more information on any of these services or our workshops please email us at or telephone (02) 9283 9892 and discuss your needs with us.

Rely on us if you need any advice on Asian languages and culture.