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 OET 5-Week Course (Weekend) *Open $640  Saturday, 22 Nov 2014    24 Jan 15
 OET 6-Week Course (Weeknight) *Open $630  Monday,  1 Dec 2014    24 Jan 15
 OET 7-Week Course (Friday)  5 Seats Left $640

 Friday, 24 Oct 2014

Friday, 7 Nov 2014

29 Nov 14

24 Jan 15

 OET 2-Week Express (Weekday) *Full $600 N/A for NOV and DEC 2015  Not Available
 OET 4 Days Express (Weekday) *Open $460   Monday, 24 Nov 2014     29 Nov 14

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Who is this course for? Occupational English Test Class Sydney

This course is designed specifically for all overseas qualified professionals in their country of origin who are required to work in their profession including trained doctors, nurses, dentists, vet or pharmacists.

It is also designed to prepare for your Occupational English Test (for Nursing or Medical Professionals).  The course is built up based on the health professional language requirements and vocational and language skills to work in the profession.


 Entry Requirements:

  • The applicants for this program must have completed Senior High School (Year 12 in Australia or equivalent in their country of origin, student should be 18 years of Age)
  • Students should have English level with equivalent to IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (for all international applicants whose English is second language
  • We provide OET training for the following professionals: nursing, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and physiotherapists.
  • Please nominate your profession when enrolling as your Writing and Speaking task is profession-specific and we need to know your profession to prepare appropriate training materials for you.



In this course, you will have the opportunity to step forward or take advance level courses in higher educational institutions here in Australia.


This course will help you to enhance communication skills and gain fluency level with an insight into the health care industry here.

You will become well-versed in the communicating your thoughts and ideas in all medicine-related or medical situations.  


OET 5-Week Weekend Course 

Testimonials for our OET CourseOET_Listening_Session


The course lasts 5 weeks. Total hours: 50 hours in class and 40 hours for self-study

Students are required to spend at least 10 hours learning in class and 8 hours for self-study per week to finish all homework at home. 

Details of courseOccupational English Test Class Sydney 2

Class time:          Saturday & Sunday (including 30 minute lunch break)

Class duration  5 weeks (2 days per week x 5 hours each day) = 50 hours

Cost:                     $640

 (including $30 for training materials)

*10% discount  if you enrol 14 days before the course starts.

Material:              $30

For more information about the course, please visit our office or email


Upcoming Classes:  

August 2014        Saturday, 9 August 2014 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00pm (FULL)

Sep 2014              Saturday, 13 September 2014 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00p(FULL)


October 2014      Saturday, 18 October 2014 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00p

Nov 2014              Saturday, 22 November 2014 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00p(OPEN for Enrolment  *Receive 10% discount if enrolling and paid before 6 Nov 2014)

Jan 2015              Saturday, 10 January 2015 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00pm

Feb 2015              Saturday, 14 February 2015 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00pm

Mar 2015              Saturday, 14 Mar 2015 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00pm

Apr 2015              Saturday, 18 Apr 2015 from 1pm - 6:30pm + Sunday 09:30am -3:00pm

For more information about the OET exam schedule, please click here >>

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OET Preparation Course Payment


OET 5-Week Weeknight CourseOET_Class_1

Duration:                52.5 hours (10.5 hours per week x 5 weeks) 

Time:                       Monday (Reading), Wednesday (Writing & Speaking),

       Friday (Listening - Writing & Speaking) 5.30pm-9pm

Cost:                       $630 (including $30 for training materials) *10% discount if you enrol 14 days before the course starts.

Upcoming classes:



Monday, 11 August 2014 (Finishing Friday, 19 September 2014) from 05:30-09:00pm (FULL)

Monday, 15 September 2014 (Finishing Friday, 17 October 2014) from 05:30-09:00pm 

Monday, 20 October 2014 (Finishing Friday, 28 November 2014) from 06:00-09:00pm 

Monday, 1 Dec 2014 (Finishing Friday, 16 Jan 2015) from 05:30-09:00pm (Holiday Break from 22 Dec 14 - 4 Jan 15) (OPEN for Enrolment *Receive 10% discount if enrolling and paid before 17 Nov 2014) 

Monday, 19 Jan 2014 (Finishing Friday, 20 Feb 2015) from 05:30-09:00pm

For more information about the course, please visit our office or email info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au

For more information about the OET exam schedule, please click here >>

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OET 7-Week Friday Course

Duration:                       56 hours (8 hours per week x 7 weeks) 

Time:                             Friday from 9:00am-05:30pm (including 30 minutes break)

Cost:                             $640 (including $30 for training materials)

Upcoming classes:  

Friday, 5 Sept 2014, 9am - 05:30pm (FULL)

Friday, 24 Oct 2014, 9am - 05:30pm (for 6 weeks) + Thursday, 20 November (OPEN for Enrolment *Receive 10% discount if enrol and paid before 15 October 2014) 


Friday, 7 Nov 2014, 9am - 05:30pm  (OPEN for Enrolment *Receive 10% discount if enrol and paid before 24 October 2014) 

Friday, 9 Jan 2015, 9am - 05:30pm  

For more information about the course, please visit our office or email info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au

For more information about the OET exam schedule, please click here >>

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OET 4-Week Express Course

** This course is for students who must take the OET examination on -----.

Duration:             50 hours (12.5 hours per week x 4 weeks)


Time:                   Saturday 12:00pm -06:45pm (6 hours 15 minutes & 30 minute break)

                      Sunday 09.30am - 4:15pm (6 hours 15 minutes & 30 minute break)

Cost:                   $600 (including $30 for training materials)

  *10% discount if you enrol 14 days before the course starts.

Starting Date:   N/A

For more information about the course, please visit our office or email info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au

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 OET 2-Weeks Express Course

** This course is for students who must take the OET examination on ------

Duration:       48 hours (8 hours per day x 6 days)


Monday                      09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Tuesday                     09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Wednesday               09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Monday                      09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Tuesday                     09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)


Wednesday               09:00am - 05.30pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)


Cost:              $600 

Starting Date       N/A for Nov and Dec 14


Important Note:

-    Please be advised that the main focus of this training is to provide you with tips and strategies for the OET Examination.
-    Students will only receive a maximum of 1-2 practice tests per day in class due to time limitation.

How to pay:        

1) Direct Deposit to our 
    Bank account: Sydney Language
    BSB 112-879, Account Number 429507411 

2) Email your receipt to info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au

3) If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, please call us at 02 9283 9892 to organise

   Credit Card payment over the phone.

For more information about the course, please email info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au


For more information about the OET exam schedule, please click here >>

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 OET 4-Day Express Course (November 2014) 

** This course is for students who must take the OET examination on Saturday, 29 Nov 2014.



Duration:          32 hours (8 hours per day x 4 days)


Monday          24 Nov 2014          09:30am - 06:00pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Tuesday         25 Nov 2014          09:30am - 06:00pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Wednesday    26 Nov 2014          09:30am - 06:00pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Thursday        27 Nov 2014          09:30am - 06:00pm (8 hours & 30-minute break)

Starting Date:  24 Nov 2014

Cost:                 $460  (including $40 for training materials) 10 % off if paid by Monday, 10/11/14, 5PM

1) Direct Deposit to our bank account: BSB 112-879, Account Number 429507411 and email your receipt to info@sydneylanguagesolutions.com.au

2) If you prefer to pay by Credit or Debit Card, please call 9283 9892 to pay by Credit Card.

3) If you prefer to pay by EFTPOS, please visit our office at Suite 202, 332 Pitt St, Sydney.


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Testimonials from students of OET Preparation Course


Danial Daneshvar


"Warm and welcoming staffs, knowledgable and supportive teachers,broad range of useful materials,peaceful and friendly atmosphere." - Danial Daneshvar, Nurse



"Miss Talata is a very good teacher! We love her." - Tianshu Wang, Dentist (September - October 2011 Session)

Kavita Sahota

"Sydney Language Solutions has helped me immensly in clearing the first step towards my career. It has the finest teachers which teach in such a good way that things actually go directly to your head and you never forget. If anyone else sincerely wants to pursue their dreams, this course is the doorway. Jaime & Welan are the teachers who actually taught me and they are 'master of English'. Best of all. "  - Kavita Sahota, Dentist (February - March 2012 Session)


  "Jaime is a very good teacher. Thanks a lot!" - OET Student (September - October 2011 Session)


"Jaime is very good. He has the ability to make us understand and explains very well. Thank you!!" - Suzi Adhikari, Nurse (September - October 2011 Session)


"I took the OET Examination on 8th of October 2011, I cleared the test with; Listening: A, Reading: A, Writing: A, Speaking: B. Your help and support was very much appreciated. Thank you so much SLS!"  - Athira Sebastian, Nurse (September - October 2011 Session)


"I will recommend this class for everybody who wants to be a Nurse!" - OET Student (October - November 2011 Session)


"The teachers (Jaime and Welan) are professional, particularly when they need to improvise. Well done!!!"-  Thiago Arrivabene, Veterinarian (January - February 2012 Session)


"Thanks Jaime and Welan! I have passed the OET exam. I got 'A' in writing and 'B' in the rest of the portions. Thanks a lot for helping me in my preparation. " - Dr. Fatema Shabnam, Doctor (February - March 2012 Session)


"The teachers are very helpful and encouraging." -  OET Student (April - May 2012 Session)


"Welan Dionela is a good and enthusiastic teacher. He teaches very well." -  OET Student (April - May 2012 Session)


"Dear Welan, I have just received my OET result and am so pleased to know that I passed the exam. I got grade A in listening and reading and grade B in writing and speaking. I would like to express my special thanks for your time and effort on teaching us and marking my writings, and the tips and tricks you showed us once again proved the magic.

Keep up all the good work and wish you every success in your profession. " - Jacqueline Chui, Pharmacist (April - May 2012 OET 4-Week Weekend Session)


"Sally and Jaime did a good job! The teaching and explanation was very clear. Thank you for the techniques!" -  OET Student (August-September 2012 Session)


"The OET class is really great. Jaime, Sally and Leon are all great teachers. They pay a lot of attention to the students in their teaching. They are all responsible teachers. I love my OET teachers and your school. You are doing the great things for us. Now, I believe that your school's mission is to help your students succeed and build us up. I can feel this through all the things that you are doing for us. You always think that the student's success is your success. Your school is a really great school. -  Xianglei Wen (November 2012 Session)


"Just wanted to thank you all (especially Sally) for the help preparing for OET! I received my results today and seems that i passed all the parts in the first sit! Im so happy, its one step towards my dream to work as a dentist here in Australia! Thank you again!" - Ausra Lau (November 2012, OET 6-Week Weeknight Course)


"Writing and speaking class is good, Carol is the best teacher." - JingJing Chen (January-March 2013, OET Weeknight Course)


"Sally, Carol and Leon are very good teachers." - Cristina Generoso (January-March 2013, OET Weeknight Course)


"I must say that Carol is really the best teacher. She helps us a lot with writing and speaking. We become more confident now when we speak and write in English." - Amela Kolenov (January-March 2013, OET Weeknight Course)


"Carol is very friendly and she teaches very well. Always helpful and give immediate feedback." - OET Student (February 2013, OET Weekend Course)


"Leon is very good and help students until they understand." - OET Student (February 2013, OET Weekend Course)


"Laila is very competent and helpful in building student's confidence." - OET Student (February 2013, OET 2-Week Express Course)


"Brad is very helpful, encouraging, has given very important hints and tips which are going to be very helpful in the test." - Pardeep Kaur (April 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"Brad is a wonderful teacher. He is always ready to help us. His way of teaching is excellent and he makes sure that we understand it correctly. Above all he is very encouraging. Hats off to you, Sir." - Mincy Abraham (April 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"Brad is a nice teacher. He explains very well. Always ready to help and give his suggestion. Always encourages students." - Amrita Ali (April 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"Brad is very hardworking and he gives attention to every small details of our speaking problems, thus promote learning. He has a strong Australian accent. So I learned a lot." - Myko Okada (April 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"Brad is an excellent teacher, giving us a lot of ideas on all four skills. Very good attitude, I would greatly appreciate his support." - Thi Thien Dieu Truong (April 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"I am very happy to tell you that I passed my OET exam in March. I would like to thank you for the excellent teaching strategies and I would recommend your college to my friends." - Haiyun Shan (December 2012, OET 4-Week Express Course)


"I would just like to thank you for your big help. I attended 2 sessions of OET review and had my exam last 30th June 2013. I got straight B which will enable me to apply for registration as a nurse. I was able to see my result online just this friday. Once again thank you." - Angelica Derla (June 2013, OET 1-to-1 tutor)


"This is Puja Rana, one of your student who had taken express OET course would like to thank the teachers of sydney language solutions especially you, Leon and Celestine whose guidance were really helpful to me.I got my result today and was able to get 'B' in each band in first attempt of OET .Thank you for your help once again. - Puja Rana (June 2013, OET 4-Week Express Course)


Meet OET Teachers of SLS

Brad Hissey Brad_Hissey

Brad is Australian born and graduated in Business Management in Sydney in 1998. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) as well as Certificate IV in Fitness and Health.

Teaching Experience:
Having worked as an Operating Assistant for over 8 years as well as gaining experience in ICU, Accident and Emergency and several hospital wards including Orthopaedic and Cardio Thoracic, Brad has a broad knowledge of the Australian healthcare and hospital system. He has taught Medical, Business and General English here in Australia and also Shanghai, China. Brad brings a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the OET curriculum focusing on group participation in a friendly environment.


Carol Luo Carol_Luo

Carol is currently completing a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at UNSW. She has been developing her background in health sciences through her studies and clinical training in a hospital environment.

Teaching Experience:
Carol enjoys the fulfilling experience of teaching, especially to health professional from overseas. She has worked as a tutor for primary and high school students in all areas of mathematics and science, as well as a mentor and student leader. She has had further experience assisting international students with their speaking and writing skills in English.


Eugene Khoo


Eugene's  qualifications include BComm (Majoring in Banking, Finance & Management & Minoring in Economics),  BSc (First Class Honours, Estrogen Withdrawal and Spinal Degeneration), BSc (Chiro), BChiro, Grad Dip Div. With a background in investment banking, he was further inspired to pursue a vocation in healthcare.

Teaching Experience: 

His formal teaching experience includes being a teacher, curriculum writer and principal at Sunday School and being a tutor, laboratory demonstrator, lecturer and clinical skills instructor at university/tertiary level. As a registered chiropractor who built and ran his own practice, he has several years of formal hands-on business and clinical experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation within a multidisciplinary framework. As such, he is adept in patient management, perusing and applying the research and drafting medicolegal paperwork such as medical reports, referral letters, sick-leave certificates and the like. Because life is all about learning, in the future he wants to complete a barista course, attend cooking school, learn new languages and try my hand at ballroom dancing.


Jaime Baquiran

Jaime is a graduate of the University of Sydney, where he obtained a Bachelor of Medical Science with First Class Honours in physiology. He has worked as a research assistant at the Children's Hospital at Westmead within the Children's Cancer Research Unit. Jaime is currently undertaking extra curricular training in teaching principles of nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices to adolescents.

Teaching Experience:
With a background in both laboratory science and his current clinical training at the University of Sydney, Jaime brings to his teaching an integration of learning Australian English with understanding features of the Australian health care system, and it's cultural approach to clinical care. All of these aspects are vital skills required to perform well in the Occupation English Test (OET).


Kevin Eggen


Kevin has completed Bachelor of Science; Biology major & Kinesiology minor at UFV in British Columbia.  He is now completing his medical degree (MBBS/MD) in Sydney. 

Teaching Experience:

Kevin has helped international students learn and comprehend science-based material, so the OET program fit nicely into his experience. He understands how difficult it is for people to learn English as a second (or even third language) and always try to make the transition of learning english as simple and helpful as possible, and he is also aware of how important the OET is for health professionals looking to work in Australia in the field they love.


Leon Wang

Qualifications: Leon Wang

Leon graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Biopsychology. He has developed a strong background in health sciences through his stints as a research assistant at the UBC Culture and Self Lab as well as the Brain and Mind Research Institute at the University of Sydney, where his work has been published in an international journal.

Teaching Experience: 

Leon spent over four years serving in the Canadian Forces Army Reserves, where, as a medical technician, he gained a wealth of clinical and academic experience. During that time, he gave lectures on a variety of health-related topics such as bioterrorism and faciomaxillary trauma. In addition, he has experience as a language teacher, having tutored students in English, Japanese, and Mandarin.


Megan Lee

Megan is a Medical Science graduate with Honours in microbiology at Sydney University. She also has TESOL certification from International TEFEL teachers training college. Megan has worked previously teaching ESL English to university students at Chungang University and at major learning insitutes in Korea such as YBM, CDI and SDA. In Sydney she has taught in James An college, SMART college and Samsung corporate training at Sydney Language Solutions.

Teaching Experience:
Megan's enjoys teaching immensely. With her wide range of teaching experiences as well as medical knowledge, she is able to offer her students sufficient guide through both the language and health-specific aspects of the OET exam.


Talata Sawadogo-Lewis

Talata holds a Bachelor’s Degree from McGill University in Chemistry and Nutrition. She has a very strong background in medical science and medical terminology. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Sydney in International Public Health. Having lived in the United States and Canada for much of her life, English is her native tongue. She also speaks French and Spanish fluently which allows her to understand difficulties that can be encountered when learning –or perfecting– a new language.

Teaching Experience:
Talata has worked as a translator between French and English for the not-for-profit organization Africare in Burkina Faso. She has also worked tutoring high school students in mathematics and English. She has academic research experience and has worked for the government of Canada in food safety.


Recommended Books: 

 You can click on the picture to be directed to the bookstore website and buy the books

1. English for Nursing. "English for Nursing, Academic Skills", is designed to prepare non-native speakers of English for the language-related skills and tasks and the cultural content necessary for success in associate and baccalaureate degree nursing programs. A follow-up book will focus on clinical skills for nurses already working in hospitals.It contains English and academic skills for tomorrow's nurses.

 English for Nursing, Academic Skills

2.  Cambridge English for Nursing. The eight standalone units cover essential areas of nursing such as admitting a patient to hospital, caring for a diabetic patient, taking patient observations and dealing with relatives and carers. Emphasising speaking and listening, the authentic tasks and activities are based on everday nursing scenarios making the course immediately relevant and motivating.

 Cambridge English for Nursing Pre-intermediate Student's Book with Audio CD

3. Oxford English for Nursing 2.  A new, up-to-date course where students learn what they need to know for a career in nursing  

Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 2: Student's Book

4. Oxford English for Nursing 1. A new, up-to-date course where students learn what they need to know for a career in nursing, medicine. This books is highly recommended for students who are going to take OET Test.

Oxford English for Careers: Nursing 1: Student's Book

5. English for Medicine in Higher Education Studies

 English for Medicine in Higher Education Studies




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