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Some Stories About Our Japanese Course 22

Hi everyone, 皆さん、こんにちは。

My Japanese classes/lessons included practices to develop skills of speaking/talking, reading, listening, writing, interacting, and constructing/performing dialogues. As for the main textbooks and materials, the Beginner 1 used Training Manual and other handouts for vocab, grammar etc. From Beginners 2 up to Pre-Intermediate 2 used Genki Book 1 was used. The Intermediate 1 used Japanese for Busy People Book 2. Also, I used pictures (including those from tourism magazines of Daily Telegraph etc), many ads especially of Japanese magazines, e.g. Nichigo Press, Jenta, children’s story books, magazines, CDs, videos, DVDs, songs etc. At the end of each class of 10 weeks, an exam was given (if the student wishes to have it as an open exam, it can be done in that way.) Late in each course, every class has to make a dialogue with partners with use of vocab. and grammar introduced in the latest unit introduced.

The Intermediate 1, who finished the course in the middle of last month, went to a Japanese restaurant, Sakae located near to our SLS, for dinner after the exam. In advance, I asked the waitresses to speak to our students in Japanese when we go there. We had a great time there, having lovely food and lots of chats. Unfortunately, the class can’t go on to the Intermediate 2. Three students out of that class were those in senior stages of secondary education. They are not taking Japanese course in their school subjects at the school. They are getting busy for the school and they stopped our Japanese course at this stage (likely for a while).

Regarding news about Japan, I informed my classes the following.

  1. There are wonderful or exciting Japanese films will come to Australia (its major cities) as the event of the 17th Japanese Film Festival. In Sydney, that will be shown at Events Cinemas, George St, from 14.11 – 24.11. Many films are award winning one domestically and even internationally. Very worthwhile to watch for both linguistically and culturally/human and society based learning. More info:
  2. There was the progressive Japan-Australia Summit Meeting in Brunei early last month. The Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe and Australian counterpart, Tony Abbott had the talk about security, bilateral trade etc. And on the later day, the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visited above PM Abe in Tokyo.


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