Hindi Language

The Grandiloquent Taj

Part of the World Heritage List, The Taj Mahal is considered one of the most magnificent buildings ever conceptualized. The exquisite marble beauty in Agra, India, might be a mausoleum, but all you will be haunted by is the intense love of a husband for his beloved wife. Undoubtedly, it also a legendary evidence of the artistic brilliance and scientific splendour of a prosperous regime.  Some three million people visit the Taj every year. Agra is easily commutable by bus, train, and air. Access to the structure is on foot purposefully to save the building from the city’s growing pollution. The Taj is a round-the-clock attraction and always buzzing with tourists, though a new ticketing system has been somewhat successful to distribute the onslaught of visitors evenly. Visitors wanting to enjoy the splendour in serenity could try coming in early or late in the day. The Taj is closed on Fridays. A good part of any visit to the Taj must be lavished on the exterior; however the breath-taking inlay work of the interiors cannot be missed. The mausoleum’s dazzling white marble shifts colour to reflect the pensiveness of the outside world—an enthralling transformation that must be witnessed in different conditions, such as in the crimson of twilight or pristine white of the full moon.

Reading Hindi is Easier than ABC

In Hindi, what I read is the same as what you will! Cannot put your head around it? Try reading this – “PHONETIC”- and I bet nine out of ten times, what you will read it as will be very different from the next person! Why? Written English does not incorporate phonetic rules in it, i.e. there are no special symbols for sounds. Hindi, on the other hand incorporates the sound system in its written script. So if you know the vowels and alphabets, you can pretty much read eighty five percent of the Hindi Script. Don’t Believe me? Try this out:

The symbol pronounced as ‘aa’ of bAr and the symbol   pronounced as ‘p’ of Put combined together is read as आप = AAP which means ‘you’ and will always be read like AAP! The symbol pronounced as ‘hǝ’ of Hut and the symbol   pronounced as ‘mǝ’ of Map combined together is read as   हम = HUM which means ‘us’ and will always be read like HUM! You have already mastered two words with the blink of an eye. Join us for more and you will vouch that it is easier than ABC!

Indian Music

The music of India transcends various genres from pop to folk to classical. Carnatic and Hindustani music are other forms that have a long standing history spanning a millennia. Some other popular forms are Film music, Indi-pop music, Indian Hip-hop, Indian rock etc. In India, however, music is most commonly perceived as that of Bollywood music. Popular Indian cinema, Hindi, or any other regional language, is mostly characterized in the West as “musicals” because each one is brimming with songs and dances. Ghazals, poetic compositions, an ode to loss, memory, and remembrance of love are chart toppers as well. Qawaalis, also love based stanzas, though devotion of man and woman for the Divine, have also heightened in their popularity and fame. In, recent years, Qawwali singers have established a world-wide reputation because of their mystical and enchanting rendition. Historically, between the 2nd century BC and the 5th century AD, a Treatise on the Dramatic Arts, was created by Bharata and ever since has exercised an intrinsic influence on the progress of Indian music, dance, and the performing arts in general. The repertoire of music in India extends from soul stirring melodies, to what is one of the most advanced “systems” of classical music in the world.

Indian Cuisine in Sydney

Think of Indian cuisine and either your mouth waters as your mind conjures images of aromatic curries, naan bread, flavoursome spices or the gut wrenches as you painfully remember the oil drenched curries laden with red chilli! Well, I am no aficionado but can say with certainty that Indian food is one that can be easily customised for any palate and yet retain its rich flavour, aroma and texture.