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IELTS: Five Easy steps to plan to write Academic Task 1

How do you paragraph in this task? For many, this is very, very complicated. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Know how to plan Body Paragraphs

Take notes what to include in:

Body 1: Select main features / general trends (what do all these bars/lines/charts have in common?)

Body 2: Pick 2 differences/extremes and an exception (if any)

Step 2: Paraphrase the question in your first sentence of Introduction

Step 3:   Add another sentence (overview / summary of Body 1+2)

This will tell the reader what to expect next, in the Body.

Step 4: If there is a relationship between two graphs, you can summarise the correlation in one sentence as your summary statement.

Step 5: In case of graph indicating past and future, the past can be your 1st body and the future can be your 2nd. If it is a diagram or process / flowchart, make sure you know the head and the tail, and divide the process into two separate categories, hence two body paragraphs.


Remember, if you have two sentences in Introduction, then a Conclusion is not mandatory.


24 July 2017


PTE: Five Tricks to maximise your Fluency & Pronunciation score in Speaking

You not only have to speak quite fast, but also continuous! Here are some tricks:

Trick 1: Join consonant sound with a vowel.

Example: It’s hard to take it all in at once.

Trick 2: Join the consonant preceding the word ‘of’

Example: A lot of what has been told about him is inaccurate.

Example: It’s still a new drug that is in the experimental phase

(not that you need to join two consonant or two vowel sounds too)

To boost your score in pronunciation, use proper end sounds, syllable and word stress.

Trick 3: Pronounce the end sounds clearly.

Example: _ The custom of marriages arranged by parents still exists in many countries

Trick 4: Use word stress appropriately.

Example: _ The use of animals in scientific tests raises difficult ethical questions.

Trick 5: Be prepared not to stumble on long syllable words.

Example: _ Much of the country is uninhabitable because it is desert.

24 July 2017


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